The most beautiful and fun social network ever created, a living work of art.

What is Blissky?

Blissky is an immersive social network that fosters people's creativity. It uses 3D graphics and audio to provide an awesome experience and allow its users to share content in a new,fun and easy way.

So far, a basic prototype of Blissky has been developed. We want to finish the project, but we need your help. Read on to know about the network and all the cool stuff it has to offer!

Live Demo

In this link you'll find a basic demo of Blissky.

The demo was simplified. Because of that, you'll see that most of the features have been disabled, and you will not be able to go inside the stars and see their content, neither go to the 3D market.

Basic instructions:

Blissky for dummies

Stars: stars are how you share information in Blissky.

Stars have powerful edition tools suited for their kind of content.For example, photographic stars have tools for image manipulation, as shown here:

Galaxies: In Blissky, a galaxy is a tridimensional space that contains stars.

Public galaxies are those which contain topic-related stars. For example, the "Rock 'n' roll" galaxy will contain stars with information related to rock and roll music. These stars are be added to the galaxy by users themselves.

"Rock" public galaxy screenshot.

Personal galaxies are unique; there's one for each Blissky user. Each person may customize it's galaxy as she wants, and it will only show that person's own stars.

Galaxies can be customized, among other ways, by adding 3D objects on them. For example, if you want to create a galaxy with an "Antient Egypt" look, you can add to it a couple of pyramids, a sand desert and a sarcophagus! 3D objects can be uploaded by Blissky users, and they can even be sold and bought by using "energy".

"Memo Lestas" personal galaxy screenshot.

The same galaxy, as seen from another angle and in fullscreen mode.

Rebeca Tomson's personal galaxy. She has used several 3D objects to create a sea-themed galaxy.

Rebeca Tomson's personal galaxy in fullscreen mode.

Energy: In Blissky, people can interact with stars in different ways: energizing, replicating, fusing or collecting them, for example. When someone interacts with a star, the star gets energy, and also provides energy to its creator. The latter can use all its collected energy to acquire 3D models to customize his personal galaxy or obtain objects and unique features.

A high-energy star looks bigger, more brilliant and more beautiful. It's a star that shines in the sky.

Besides the common features that social networks have (internal messages, notifications, quick content checking, etc.); Blissky is unique because of these reasons:

Metaversic Profiles: a concept created by Blissky. It refers to three-dimensional virtual spaces where you can share any information and create virtual worlds, usually found only in imagination. Blissky galaxies allow the creation of these metaversic profiles thanks to its particular characteristics.

Our friend, "Rebeca Tomson" gave her personal galaxy a new look by using 3D objects such as planets and clouds.

Organic Bonds:

Among having some cool advantages, organic bonds also help to have a more realistic measure of how people relate to each other within the social network.

Organic bonds visualization.

Microeconomy: Blissky has its own "currency" called "Energy", which is obtained as users interact with stars. Energy can be used in Blissky's market for buying interesting features: 3D models, stickers, special galaxies or stars, among other stuff.

3D Models selling: People can create their own 3D models and upload them to Blissky' store, where they maybe purchased by other users by using energy. The creators of these models then receive a real monetary profit for their work.

Gamification: Game mechanics are intrinsic part of the project design. Bonding between users and interactions with shared contents have goals and rewards systems that consistently create a better user experience.

Audio: The user experience is enhanced with music and audio effects.

3D printing: In the future, we will implement a 3D printing service of the three-dimensional models that exist within the social network. Take home your favorite works!

Development Stages

Right now, Blissky is in a prototype state. In order to turn it into a final product, we have planned the following development stages:

Some features that require a lot of work are contemplated for the future.

Future goals

HTML5 Stars + Mobile App (Android & iOS)

We'll create an HTML5 star and a mobile version for Android & iOS.

What kind of stuff can be put into a HTML5 Star? Games, widgets, learning apps... Whatever you want!

Who are we?

The team

Meet the people behind Blissky:

Wanna help?

Sure contact us!

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